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Boat Detail

boats lining up next to each other

Boat detailing consists of cleaning the bottom and interiors of your boat to avoid rust and algae buildup that can be detrimental to the functionality and appearance of your boat as a whole. Our boat detailing looks as the buildup areas of your boat and attempts to remove the debris accordingly and with ease. If you want to keep your boat in top condition, as we assume you do, then consider boat detailing services which can help you accomplish this.

Deck Detailing                  

Deck detailing is done by scrubbing down every part of the deck where crew members and passengers are often lingering and leaving behind footprints and debris from onshore. We’ll get into the crevices of the deck and remove all forms of debris and dirt buildup that can occur through natural foot traffic or from using your boat in general. Boat detailing can easily help maintain the appearance of your boat, especially for guests and parties or general use. For deck detailing, we also look at railings, hardware, seating, and any areas that have been affected by water overboard.

Below Deck Detailing

Below deck detailing is achieved by applying cleaners to the walls and bases of the interiors below deck. Similar to standard house cleaning, we will go through and mop the floors, clean any windows and lights, as well as remove stains and build up from any upholstery. We will also vacuum, polish flooring, and perform any other cleaning duties as needed to maintain the comfort and appearance of your boat below deck.

Cabin Detailing

If you have a passenger both, you will likely need detailing services provided to the cabins as well. Our detailing services differ from standard cleaning services simply because our work is much more invasive and deep cleaning versus just cleaning the floors or dusting. We get into the hardware of the cabin to remove buildup, dust, and any other debris that has a tendency to accumulate in the cabin area. Cabin detailing is a great way to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading, as well as keeping any passengers in the cabin area free from spreading germs.


Another thing to consider when it comes to boat detailing, is how it will make your boat look. When you invest in a boat, you are investing in a luxury vehicle to serve you well. One of the best ways to get the most use out of it is to ensure that it is kept clean and regularly detailed for maximum aesthetic and overall appearance. Furthermore, maintaining your boat can be a challenging project to do on your own so why not let us take care of the nitty-gritty when it comes to detailing your boat ever so often? If you are looking for a quick and easy way to safely maintain your boat over time, then consider detailing it regularly. Our boat detailing services can be scheduled on a regular basis, or for whenever you may need them.