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Ceramic Coating

close up white car ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are thick layer of ceramic supply to the exterior of a car’s paint job. The purpose of ceramic coatings is to protect the paint job and deter potential scratches, scuffs, dents, or damages to the exterior paint. When applied correctly and by a professional, ceramic coatings have the capability to last for several years, powering through all types of outdoor weather conditions and temperatures as well. Ceramic coatings are a great way to add extensive protection to your vehicle’s exterior and without spending all the money to constantly touch up the paint or redo it when it’s begun to wear.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are a dried ceramic layers applied to the exterior of your car’s paint job to help protect it from potential scratching or damages. Similar to putting a top coat on nail polish or sealant on concrete, ceramic coatings serve as a thick protection layer that combats scratches and peeling from your paint job. Instead, if any damages do occur, they strike the outer layer of the ceramic instead of your actual paint job, saving your car from an expensive repair or excessive damage. The ceramic coatings, however, only work as well as the preparation that was given to the car beforehand. If the car was not properly prepared before, then the ceramic coatings will also not perform as highly as they normally would on a car that was prepared properly.


There are many benefits to ceramic coatings, which include longevity, durability, appearance, and costs. Combined, ceramic coatings offer great results for your car’s exterior paint and continue to provide unbeatable protection, no matter the color or type of vehicle you have. Our ceramic coatings are highly durable and much more affordable than replacing or repairing your paint regularly, and can combat potential scratches from other cars, as well as ice and weather damage during a potential storm.


The first thing we will do before applying the ceramic coating is to thoroughly wash your car from top to bottom by removing all stains, dirt, and buildup. We will then have to place a chemical substance along the exterior of your car to remove any underlying contamination left after it’s been washed. We will then go through and buff any of the paint that is uneven, before applying the adhesive paint protection layer and then the ceramic coating itself. Preparing the car for the ceramic coating is the most important step to have longer lasting results that are actually functional for consistent use.


As with all of our car services, we aim for longevity so that you can get the most use possible from the results we’ve provided you. All of our ceramic coatings are applied using the industry’s most reliable and trusted tools and materials, and are left to dry for an even and secure finish. With our ceramic coatings, you can trust that you’ll get several miles and years of use from your paint job, without ever having to touch it up in the meantime.