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Interior Detail

staff doing interior cleaning

Interior detailing services cater to the inside of your vehicle, regardless of what type of vehicle you have. We pay special attention to the inside of your car to ensure that every corner and crevice has been cleaned and cleared, so that you’re not overly exposed to dust and so that the insides of your car look stunning and refreshing. Interior detailing can sometimes require more than the standard dusting, as sometimes it also asks for stain removal from the leather siding in cars, or polishing the marble paneling on some luxury models.

Upholstery Detail

Upholstery detailing can accommodate all types of interior upholstery, such as leather, nylon, vinyl, and even polyester. No fabric is totally resistant to stains, so removing them can be a challenge, but with our specialty techniques and stain removers, we make the job easy. Even leather can succumb to overuse and neglect after some time, altering its shape and color and giving it a sticky residue finish. To avoid this, we deep clean and polish your leather using shampoos and softeners made especially for the fabric. We also vacuum and clean floormats, ceilings, and any other surrounding upholstery inside of the vehicle.

Dusting and Detail Cleaning

Interior detailing requires special attention to the details, as the inside of most vehicles are often very intricate and have numerous features and crevices to attend to. Dust can build up inside of these areas, such as the control systems, stereos, and even in the cupholders, making it crucial that such debris is removed before sticking or becoming more difficult to remove in the future. Using specialty tools and cleaning supplies, we can get out dust and buildup from parts of the interiors that you didn’t know needed cleaning, such as under your seat or at the base of the gear shift. Other areas can include underneath your steering wheel, or along the front of the dashboard where the window and dashboard meet.

Odor Neutralization

Odor neutralization is another perk that can be added onto our standard interior detailing. If you have pets that ride with you often or children that always eat in the back of your car, you’ll probably want to consider giving your clean upholstery some odor neutralization as well. The process includes ridding the air of toxins or foul odors and replacing it with neutralized ones that are pleasant and non-distinctive.

Specialty Materials, Fabrics, and Surfaces

If you have an imported vehicle or one that was custom-designed, you don’t have to worry about us ruining your upholstery or interiors in any capacity. We have experience dealing and detailing cars of all kinds and with all varieties of interiors. We take specialty measures with each car we detail to ensure that the end result is nothing short of stunning and pristine. Whether your interiors are supreme treated leather, or you have marble trim interiors, we only use tried and trusted cleaning solutions to give your car the best appearance possible.